Cozy country house in Crimea

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One-storey house with a symmetrical facade is designed in a range of natural materials: long-size Rigel brick, tiled roof with oxidized copper sheathing, wood-imitating tiles laid in a fur-tree pattern on the socle and pipes. High stained-glass windows are separated by decorative elements of glass-fiber- reinforced concrete (GFRC) imitating travertine. Soft pastel tones are diluted with mint blue accents.

The entrance group is decorated in a classic style: the front carved door with a bronze handle, on the terrace — cast iron inserts with ornaments. Pendant lights on wooden beams illuminate the cozy terrace. Geometric steps of cast iron and travertine are slightly raised one above the other — the design looks light, as if it were floating.

Sloping column supports of a car shed add to elegance and lightness to the house. On the shed roof, lush greenery is planted, and daylight is pouring through caissons with colored handmade stained-glass windows. The house bay window opens to a terraced yard with a swimming pool and a recreation area — elevation shifts enliven the landscape and make further space zoning.

Pproject area
280 м²
Number of rooms
Ppoject commissioning
2018 г.
Number of storeys

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Landscape of the yard of a country house

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A small plot of a country house, surrounded by greenery, was successfully expanded visually due to appropriate zoning, playing with volumes and planes. The fence of dark brick is split into sections by vertical gardening — this technique enabled getting away from the monumental “Chinese wall” effect and made the structure visually weightless. The fence is supplemented by concrete inserts imitating curtain folds and is covered with decorative elements echoing the house architecture. The flowerbed with large stones along the fence sets versatility — a gradual elevation increase.

The covered rear terrace is decorated as "interior inside out". Art wall painting, upholstered furniture, exquisite malachite sideboard, classic hand-made tiled stove, parquet and marble on the floor — the recreation area looks invitingly cozy. Modern lamps dilute the classics, and a palm tree in the corner inspires colonial style motifs. An interesting solution — false doors on both sides of the furnace: it seems that from here you can proceed to other rooms, as from a common living-room, in fact, built-in cabinets with utensils and built-in appliances are concealed behind them. The terrace is separated from the pool area by elegant curtains and columns with tiles matching the oven decor. The wall near the pool is made of natural stone — processed and wild, with a “wrinkly” texture." Its massiveness is balanced by lamps on thin hangers that seem to hover above the flowerbed  overlooking the pool. To the left of the pool, there is a bright landscape accent: a minimalist composition of red Japanese maple and white stones. 

Pproject area
9 ares
Ppoject commissioning
2019 г.

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